Valley Baptist Church is a loving community of people from all walks of life and in various places in our journey with God.  We desire to help those we encounter to grow in their relationship with God.  We believe the best way to do this is through the faithful teaching of the Bible in a relevant and practical way.

We would love to have you join us this Sunday.  Come however you feel comfortable—we care about you, not the clothes you are wearing.  We are people, like you, who struggle and hurt as we face the pressures of life.  We believe that church is a place for us to gather to worship the Lord, encourage one another, and to recharge our spiritual batteries!

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gunnarhanson Child of God, husband of Anna, father of Grace, Ellie, and Gideon, shepherd of Valley Baptist Church!

  • A wonderful experience indeed! "True worship must spring from within a man's spirit, from the spontaneous affections of the heart." K.Hughes by gunnarhanson 99 days ago via web
  • I can't visit this place without paying my respects to my dear friend Tommy. Beautiful day. Easy to… http://t.co/FsqvSqJsaT by gunnarhanson 132 days ago via Instagram

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